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Austin, Texas photographer specializing in 35mm and medium format film.
Lover of nature, art, film, and music.

-LIFE Magazine's "Beat the Heat" photo contest (2011)
-Photography Monthly's "Shadows and Light" competition (2011)
-Lomography's 20th Anniversary competition (2011)
-Photography Monthly Instagram features (Nov. & Dec. 2013 and Jan. & Feb. 2014)

-Participant in a group Lomo-wall exhibit in Santiago, Chile (2011)
-Lomography Gallery Store One Year Anniversary show (Austin, 2011)
-The Touche Collective's "Analog Life" exhibit in Zoetermeer, Netherlands (2012)
-Gallery Black Lagoon's group shows, "Noise and Grain" (Austin, 2013)
-Solo exhibition at End of an Ear record store (Austin, 2013)
-Gallery Black Lagoon's "Viewfinder" exhibition (Austin, 2014)

-Food Network Magazine
-Omni Southpark Hotel, Austin
-Gus's Fried Chicken, Austin & Memphis
-We Shot JR (live music photography), Dallas

The Guardian (UK) Camera Club's review of Layla's "Texas in Film" portfolio:
Buckley & Welch Hardware' and 'Granger, TX' were both made on a 1950's Bakelite plastic camera called the Spartus, which had a fixed focus, and a set exposure. Using Ilford's XP2 film has given the necessary latitude, and both of these images have a wonderful quality and tonality about them. The interior of 'Smitty's' is just full of detail, and this Texas diner could be a film still, it's so cinematic. In 'West, TX' the only gripe is that the boys head is lost against the dark window, but it's still a well caught moment. 'Cresson, TX' shows the decaying shell of a house in a rural Texas town. These film photos have an almost tactile quality, and a timelessness about them, too.